Do you want to increase your long-term well-being? Do you have a plan for your health concerns and further your continued health and well-being? How are these concerns holding you back from being the healthiest version of yourself? If you start now on your health journey, where will you be in 3 months, 6 months, this time next year?
Being your best self is so important! Let Sue Stevens support you to be the healthiest version of yourself, through nutrition, herbal medicine, and remedial massage.


You are welcome to book in with Sue for one-to-one nutrition and naturopathic consultation to gain specific guidance and treatment for any health issues you may be facing. Or book in with Sue for a remedial massage therapy treatment to work on releasing tension and soothing your aching back and shoulders and promoting your relaxation.

Coming soon in 2022 our comprehensive online Thrive Through Menopause Program, to support your journey through the transition to menopause to get you from fogy to fabulous, fatigued to fit, fun, and free! Get your life back on track and keep it there! Our expert Thrive Through Menopause Team will provide you with the tools to not only survive but thrive through menopause and for the many years to come!

For inquiries and bookings call 0416 156 563 or book online.
Consultations are available in person at the clinic or via telehealth or phone calls.
Sue is happy to have a 10-minute discovery call with you before booking to see if a
naturopathic and nutritional consultation is right for you right now.

Meet Sue Stevens





Sue has been in clinical practice for over 20 years and in that time, she has consulted and guided thousands of people through their healthcare journey. After studying for over 15 years, and acquiring 3 post-graduate qualifications, Sue works to understand the nature of your health concerns, using traditional thinking and the best evidence-based information to create a holistic, manageable, and individualised treatment plan. Call today to step into the healthy, energetic version of yourself! Learn to live your best life!


Masters in Human Nutrition from Deakin University
Master Counselling and Psychotherapy (current) Torrens University
Graduate Certificate Learning and Training from Torrens University
Bachelor of Medicine Management with Professional Honours in Complementary Medicine from the University of Tasmania
Advanced Diploma Naturopathy, Advanced Diploma Nutrition, Diploma Remedial Massage from Nature Care College
Fellow of Australian Traditional Medicine Society, since 1996-member number 6619. 

Book online to make a change for the better today, or call Sue to find out how she can best support you?