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Food is fundamental – each consultation will include dietary guidance to help you achieve and maintain good health
For a consultation to get clear about the eating plan that would be right for you book online for an appointment.

Do You Have Questions About Your Diet & Food?

Do you have any questions about your diet? What about carbs? What should you be eating every day? Is fasting a good idea? What about 5:2? Or 16:8? Maybe you have questions about the many diets around? Is paleo or vegan the healthiest? Should you go gluten-free? What about dairy? I heard about FODMAPS – what’s that? What about superfoods?

How Do I Get my Nutrition and Health Together?

Great nutrition is the vital link between our diet and our level of health. Some dietary and lifestyle changes can be the most cost-effective and straightforward ways to reach our goals of optimal health and longevity.

Some critical elements to consider when supporting our health and longevity come from the daily balance of adequate water, fresh (organic where possible) whole foods, fresh air, and safe sun exposure. Also needed is, sufficient sleep and relaxation, with some physical activity and maybe meditation, and most importantly laughter and social interaction!

Where Do I Start with My Diet?

Addressing diet and creating a comprehensive, balanced program of nutrition can be done in every consultation. An evidence-based approach using whole foods and nutritional supplements is one of the main ways to regain and maintain health. Making dietary changes can boost energy levels and correct symptoms caused by digestive disturbances, nutritional deficiencies, and food allergies/sensitivities.

I Would Like to Try a Different Diet?

There are many reasons to try a different kind of diet. In a consultation, we can discuss the different approaches and find out which approach could be right for your right now?  Programs can be successfully created to help with following a modified diet such as gluten-free / dairy-free / vegetarian or vegan diet or just getting back on track with healthy eating.

Eating Plans Can be Created to Support?

  • Safe and effective weight loss
  • Adopting a Vegetarian or Vegan diet
  • Eliminate Gluten or Diary safely, without deficiencies
  • A safe, manageable FODMAP program to reset gut health
  • Anti-inflammatory eating plans to help with joint problems like arthritis
  • Eating plans can be designed to lower cholesterol, blood pressure and stabilize blood sugar issues
  • Identifying food sensitivities and developing an eating plan to help heal the gut and support healthy digestion
  • Eating plans to support healthy, safe detoxification of the gut, liver, and kidney
  • Specific eating plans to help digestive disturbances – Bloating, Reflux, Burping, Flatulence, Parasites, Candida
  • Whole Food eating plans that support and sustain Healthy Well-being

Are There Any Tests I Can Do?

Yes, there are. There are tests to uncover the role that your small intestine may be playing in your digestive symptoms. A breath test for Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth or SIBO. For further information about SIBO, please see the page under the testing tab.

To uncover further information about digestive disturbances and bacteria and parasites that may make up your microbiome, you can do a Complete / Comprehensive Digestive Stool Analysis or CDSA. For further information about a CDSA, please see the page under the testing tab.

You may have questions about which foods may be causing your digestive issues. So, testing for either Food Allergies or Food Sensitivities can be done. For further information about these allergy or sensitivity tests, please see the page under the testing tab.

What is Involved in a Consultation?

As a naturopath, with post-graduate qualifications, I will use both herbal medicine and my post-graduate nutritional training and accreditation to listen and support you to be a better, healthier version of yourself.

In a consultation I will gather detailed information about why you have come in, details regarding your different body systems, e.g. immunity, digestive and nervous systems, as well as details about your diet and lifestyle and personal and family history. Along with any pathology results you may have. We will then discuss and decide on a plan that is best suited to support you on your health journey.

As part of your treatment plan, I can use herbal medicine and nutraceuticals (nutritional supplements) if they are indicated, as well as an extensive plan for your dietary needs and any lifestyle support.

Make A Move Today

If you would like to order any of these tests or if you want to get the best diet for you, then a Nutritional appointment could be right for you right now? Food is fundamental, and a review is included in each consultation which will include dietary guidance to help you achieve and maintain good health.

For a consultation to get clear about which eating plan would be right for you book an appointment today with Sue in Neutral Bay or via Telehealth soon. Booking is available online through the website.

For a consultation on your health issues, please book online or call for an appointment