Restoring health is sometimes like a jigsaw puzzle and to build a specific treatment plan we need information. 
The information that standard pathology can provide helps to ‘piece the puzzle’ together.

Standard Pathology tests can be run through the clinic; however, you may have already had these done through your General Practitioner. They can be enormously helpful in providing a ‘road map’ of your previous health difficulties and also point to areas that need support. There is also much information that can provide specific health indicators and is used to advantage to create a plan for restoring and managing general good health.

These tests may include – Fasting blood glucose / Fasting insulin / HbA1c / Fasting cholesterol to check blood glucose levels and regulation and metabolic health. Electrolyte and Liver Function tests (E/LFT) / Full Blood Count (FBC) / Inflammatory markers – ESR and CRP can all reveal nutrient deficiencies, oxidative stress issues and liver issues that are crucial for health.

Markers testing for fatigue can be – Thyroid-stimulating hormone (TSH) / serum and active B12 / Serum and RBC folate / Iron studies. These markers can indicate specific directions for treatment plans.  

Antibody tests can be run to uncover underlying causes of illness, such as Thyroid antibodies – TPO / TgAb / TRAb’s / Rheumatoid factor (RF)